Tesla Model 3 and Model Y - iPad, Surface and Device Mount

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Our new design allows for simpler device installation and removal. Additionally, your device is now raised to prevent the restriction of airflow from the vent! 

We love our Tesla Model 3, especially taking it on long road trips. However, the passenger seat is not always the most exciting position to ride. That changes now!

Introducing the TPD iPad Mount for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Simply turn each mount 45 degrees from vertical insert into the vent slot and turn back 45 degrees to the upright position. Once both mounts are in position, insert your device and commence the entertainment. (You can even connect your device via bluetooth to your car's sound system for an immersive experience.)

Works with most Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface devices. Devices that are 9mm or .35" thick or thinner will work! Have a case or need a custom fitment, just let us know!

****Please check local laws before using your iPad while your vehicle is in motion. This device is for passenger use only and the driver must pay attention to the road at all times.