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Tall Pines Design

Quick Change Personalized Tall Tap Handle

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Quick Change Labels

Introducing the Quick Change Your Logo Hybrid Tap Handle from Tall Pines Design. The Your Logo handle features a synthetic base with brass insert at the bottom and a laser-cut 3.2mm thick aluminum topper with your logo but the magic is in our Quick Change label. Now you can swap out beer labels easily with our magnetic Quick Change system.

Each handle includes 2 Quick Change labels with the art of your choosing. Simple color and text, no issue, have your own graphic intense label just send it over and we will handle the rest.

Buy 5 or more and save 20%!

Once your order is placed we will prepare a rendering within 24 hours and send it to you for approval.

Finally, an affordable option to increase your branding or just have a little fun!

Lifetime Warranty