Creating a Keezer

The keezer (freezer converted to kegerator) is the best way to recycle that old chest freezer!  Simply add a wood collar to the top of most chest freezers and you can fit a number of corny kegs inside for draft beer at home.  There are a ton of write-ups on how to accomplish this feat but take it from us, it is VERY simple and if you homebrew it is a no-brainer.  Homebrew Academy has a great write-up on how to build one for yourself.

We built our collar out of 2X8 “pine” lumber so that we can fit a keg on the step inside the keezer.  This will allow us to run 4 kegs at a time! We have already installed the new temp control unit so we can raise the freezer temp to around 40 degrees for perfect serving of our beers.


Just need to stain/paint and install the taps and we will be ready to go!

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